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Building A Better Portal and Saving Millions

US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) is an industry-leading provider of hospital-based patient care. It has over 170 locations worldwide and serves over six million patients annually. As a leading provider of emergency medical and observation services, USACS’ IT needs weren’t just a matter of efficiency. They had a direct impact on patient outcomes.

Revolutionizing an Out-of-Date Legacy Portal

USACS had worked with its legacy portal MyPulse for over seven years and enjoyed its ability to coordinate touchpoints across the company in one single, convenient channel. But seven years is a long time for a company the size of USACS. Physicians began to experience problems with the system, as detailed by USACS’ Chief Technology Officer, David Peppard:

“We wanted a way to iterate and deploy faster so that we could work with our systems of record, and we knew that our legacy portal and the technologies we used to build it wouldn’t cut it in the fast-paced digital world.”

In other words, a digital transformation into a more mature system was overdue. Specifically, Peppard sought a next-generation portal built on a low-code platform that offered a wide breadth of applications. It didn’t take long for them to select OutSystems as their platform.

T4S Partners’ Take on the OutSystems Advantage

Those familiar with OutSystems won’t be surprised by USACS’ choice. OutSystems’ modern, low-code platform makes it easy to deploy applications and leverage the benefits of cloud computing. This is helpful for any industry, but it bears fruit in particular for healthcare, where decision-makers are slow to adopt new technologies.

USACS’ new portal, dubbed The Central Line, is a perfect example of this. USACS’ new portal was a smashing success with physicians because it offered new features and functionality to better support their patients. The platform replaces a variety of legacy apps still used in older systems and streamlines physician workflows across the board.

Additionally, the platform provides an ongoing financial benefit to USACS to the tune of $1 million per year in savings, all while it maintains compliance with U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

In short, the OutSystems platform provided the perfect foundation for USACS to upgrade to a more mature digital strategy, and they see the benefits of their choice every day.

“OutSystems is a one-stop-shop for us,” says Peppard. “By using it, we are able to quickly turn out code and iterate. Plus, it gives us the governance, compliance, and controls we need to be confident we are developing secure and compliant applications that can easily withstand SOC, HIPAA and HITRUST audits.”

Prepare for Your Own Digital Transformation Journey

USACS’ impressive results were possible only by knowing exactly which solutions could provide their needed benefits. Ask yourself these questions as you perform this research during your own transformation’s early stages:

  • Which specific processes could be transformed to accelerate business performance and/or improve the customer experience?
  • How can your company work toward a system of complete digital maturity that acts as a competitive differentiator?
  • What solutions are feasible to implement during each step of your digital journey?
  • How can you build and implement modern applications that both meet your needs while you stay compliant with regulatory and usage requirements dictated by your industry?

This is where the help of an experienced integrator like T4S Partners can come in handy. Our team of engineers is ready to guide your organization through its digital transformation. We can help you find answers to the above questions and implement new solutions to achieve your business goals.

Contact us today to learn how we can help revolutionize out-of-date processes in your organization.

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