The City of Shawnee Accelerates Its Digital Transformation With Modern Software Development Tools - T4S Partners

City Accelerates Digital Transformation

With only one application developer on staff, the city of Shawnee, Kansas had its work cut out when it came to optimizing its local government’s online apps. However, with solutions like the OutSystems development platform behind them, updating legacy apps and rethinking workflows became a much simpler task.

Small Team, Big Goals

The city of Shawnee employs around 350 city employees, twelve of whom run the IT department. This IT department is responsible for keeping the city’s critical digital infrastructure and apps up and running.

The team had been utilizing Lotus Notes, a desktop workflow application, to develop and update applications for the city’s website. While Lotus Notes has been successfully utilized by many entities for application development, the city of Shawnee felt that it was lagging behind in terms of efficiency and digital maturity. They needed a scalable, visually stunning, and practical solution, but there simply wasn’t room for another app developer on staff.

Enter OutSystems’ development platform. The city of Shawnee selected the OutSystems platform to support their low-code application development goals after seeing how it helped other businesses and entities find ways to rapidly adopt and apply digital innovations to improve user experience, streamline operations, and reduce cost.

Driving Development with New Software Adoption

Simply finding a solution was just the first step in the process of digitally transforming Shawnee and propelling it into the modern technological landscape. The next step for the city of Shawnee was to migrate dozens of apps to the new platform.

Now, just over a year later, Shawnee has moved over 30 production apps over to the new platform. Additionally, the entire process of development has become totally streamlined due to improvements in workflows.

Transformative Solutions Built on Modern Software Development Systems

OutSystems made this level of digital maturity possible for Shawnee by delivering a highly efficient low-code platform that doesn’t sacrifice functionality or aesthetic beauty. With a platform like OutSystems, the city of Shawnee was able to make critical changes to their workflows and IT environment:

  • They can now quickly develop innovative applications in a low-code environment.
  • Save money by streamlining workflows and eliminating outdated processes.
  • Thoroughly maintain critical applications at the core of their operations.

With a faster development time, Shawnee’s IT team has been able to create a better online experience for its users and its other employees. These improvements have ultimately saved the city an immense amount of time and money without having to sacrifice more of its budget on a new app developer.