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Modern Software Development Tools
Unless you work for a state prison system, you likely don’t think of it as a hotbed of leading-edge technology. But think about it: From managing the intake, care and feeding, and discharge of prisoners, to building robust security and facilities automation systems, software development is an important role in any state corrections department.

The Wisconsin state Department of Corrections is no exception. So when their development team needed new tools to enable better, faster application development, they looked to OutSystems’ low-code development suite.

The Promise of Modern Development Solutions

As the name implies, low-code development tools enable software developers to build applications with less coding than traditional development approaches. This is achieved with point-and-click tools that enable developers to build user interfaces, hardware interfaces, and back-end business logic without typing out endless lines of code.

These types of low-code tools represent a more modern type of software development platform, one that enables companies to tackle more complex and scalable solutions than other platforms allow. Typical benefits include:

  • Less grunt work: Low-code tools relieve developers of the burden of low-level coding for basic functions and routines. This advantage enables them to focus on more interesting tasks.
  • Faster development cycles: A result of the reduced grunt work is that applications can be built, tested, and deployed much faster than those developed with traditional coding methods.
  • Fewer bugs: In traditional development, the drudgery and tedium of low-level coding can be a source of bugs. Low-code solutions can reduce these issues.

By themselves, low-code tools won’t make a developer out of someone with no development experience. You still need to know a programming language or two, understand how data structures work, and apply fundamental principles of software development.

T4S Partners’ Take

At T4S Partners, we believe that modern software development platforms are a cornerstone of business transformation. The ability to turn high-level designs to working prototypes to production-ready applications in short order means that organizations can deploy more digital solutions to address their pressing business problems.

As an experienced OutSystems specialist, T4S Partners has the skills and knowledge to guide any organization in any industry along the path to IT modernization, adoption of solid digital strategies, and digital maturity. OutSystems’ modern platform is an effective starting point for this journey.


As the Wisconsin Department of Corrections development team discovered, there’s an extra added bonus to this type of modern development tool: better morale among the developers. Far from “dumbing down” the coding process, low-code tools enable developers to apply their skills to developing innovative, creative solutions to business problems. They are more engaged, more productive, and happier overall.

Let T4S Partners introduce you to the benefits of modern software development using the OutSystems platform. Contact us today to learn more.