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JTC Americas OutSystems Success Story

JTC Americas, formerly NES Financial, was named one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine for 2011 and 2012. They have set the standard for third-party administration of complex escrow and fund administration transactions. The company’s initial eSTAC platform automated many labor-intensive spreadsheet tasks and thereby allowed the company to grow very quickly.

But with growth comes challenge. For JTC, as their number of clients grew from hundreds to thousands, so did the demands on IT and the costs of its service. The company now had challenges scaling its manual activities around documentation and administration. They needed a better development platform, one that would be more responsive to customers’ needs and one that would provide faster updates and reduce their growing backlog.

OutSystems is the #1 rapid application development platform for building enterprise-grade web and mobile apps faster. OutSystems helps organizations around the world transform their businesses digitally at unbeatable speeds. Before OutSystems, JTC’s original technology stack was based on Microsoft’s .NET framework and included:

  • A UI based on ASP.NET and jQuery
  • A business layer built using C# and CSLA
  • A back-end database service built on Microsoft SQL Server

But with their quick growth, the limitations of this system became obvious. JTC chose OutSystems for their enterprise-grade scalability, their powerful integration, and their ability to increase professional developer productivity.

The T4S Take: OutSystem Checked All the Boxes

Before discovering OutSystems, JTC spent more than a year developing a new platform from an existing CRM using Java and running on MySQL. However, they still encountered problems. After six months evaluating vendor solutions, they found that OutSystems checked all the boxes. With OutSystems they have been able to:

  • Rework back-end architecture to improve scalability
  • Improve their overall enterprise agility
  • Redesign their Development > Quality Assurance > User Acceptance Testing processes to take advantage of faster, iterative updates
  • Streamline the requirements definition process to better articulate business needs
  • Leverage workflow automation to enforce consistency and reduce errors

Questions to Ask for Your Own Digital Transformation

As your organization considers what’s working and what needs improvement within your IT system, remember JTC Americas’ story and keep these questions in mind:

  • Does your current IT system allow for growth?
  • Is your team spending too much time on the tedium?
  • Does your system generate layers of efficiency and quality control?
  • Can your system improve on functionality?

JTC’s implementation of OutSystems has added 50 percent more functionality to their platform. There’s no reason why your company can’t achieve the same results—provided you have the right service partner behind you! Get the full rundown on JTC Americas’ OutSystems implementation here.

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