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No organization is immune to change. Inevitably, the IT workflows and processes your organization is accustomed to will grow out of date, sparking a need for newer, more innovative solutions. The question is, how can your company facilitate this change in an efficient and cost-effective way?

Achieving a full-fledged business transformation is easier said than done, after all. It’s a long-term process of maturing your business, learning how to respond appropriately to the competitive digital environment, and revamping your approach to change to become more agile. A recent project undertaken at T4S Partners highlights this need well.

The Need for Change: Douglas County

Enter the Douglas County, Colorado Treasurer’s Office, the county seat responsible for the bulk of property tax collection and distribution services in the area.

Like many government organizations, the Treasurer’s Office had substantial IT needs to consider but few resources to invest in new solutions. Budgetary constraints forced the Treasurer’s Office into working with antiquated IT systems that limited their workflows.

It wasn’t a pretty sight. Database applications were out of date, tax roll processing took weeks, and internal knowledge of how to manage tax roll functions was limited to a single employee. These issues contributed to a system where employees were stuck performing manual processes that wasted time and energy – energy that could be better spent on more important tasks.

Fortunately, the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office made contact with a representative from T4S Partners to help redevelop their core IT applications.

At T4S, we specialize in helping organizations optimize their IT operations, create compelling new customer solutions, and transform enterprise service management functions. This was exactly what the Treasurer’s Office needed to revolutionize its workflows – a new IT approach built on an efficient, low code environment.

The Benefits of Maturing Your IT With a Business Transformation

Our project team took a hands-on approach to the Treasurer’s Office’s IT project, establishing a viable project scope and achievable goals that fit the client’s needs. We took a look at what they were doing and worked with them to better understand how to move their systems further along the digital maturity curve.
By doing so, we were able to help the Treasurer’s Office revolutionize primary tax roll processing application in several important ways:

  • Replacement of all legacy database applications
  • Substantial reduction in tax roll processing time
  • Fully automated data validations
  • Better identification and management of inconsistent data
  • Expanded tax roll knowledge across the organization

Aside from the obvious benefits to efficiency and cost reduction, this transformation set Douglas County up for success by giving them the tools they needed to maintain efficiency over time.

Managing Change Through Strategic Digital Transformations

Our work with the Douglas County Treasurer’s Office produced measurable benefits for the organization across tax processing time, employee efficiency, and end user knowledge. But the end results are just one part of the equation.

Our proprietary process for understanding our clients and how to achieve their goals gives us the means to deliver solutions that are perfectly aligned with our customers’ goals. T4S Partners can bring the same process to your own business transformation.

Our teams will review your portfolio to see what can be modernized and how. Whether you need a cloud-based application or a new platform built on a low code framework, our team can bring the same level of expertise to your project as we did for Douglas County.

Key Action Items For Your Own Transformation Story:

  • Know where you are going before you start and build a digital roadmap as your guide
  • Maintain engagement with all parties and ensure your vendor can quickly adjust to requirement changes.
  • Integrate testing into the development process, bringing in additional resources as necessary to create a tight feedback loop.
  • Document your process – it can be used later in support, understanding existing business rules, and onboarding new team members for future, related projects.
  • Establish a secondary product owner or additional subject matter expert to eliminate single-point-of-contact bottlenecks.

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