How Cherwell Improved IT Service Delivery for Cuna Mutual | T4S Partners

Cuna Mutual Financial Services Cherwell Success Story

CUNA Mutual was founded more than 80 years ago by credit union leaders looking for an insurance and investment partner they could trust. As a leading insurance, financial services, and technology company, CUNA Mutual measures its success by the level of service, it provides to its internal business partners. As they say, “We help people protect, invest, and plan for their future.”

Unfortunately, those efforts became difficult because of its legacy IT service management (ITSM) system. The old system was difficult to maintain and even more challenging to modify. It demanded significant time and effort from CUNA’s ITSM team as they maintained an outdated and cumbersome system, resulting in excessive overhead and maintenance.

Timing is Everything

The time was right when CUNA Mutual leadership made a move to Agile processes. It was also the perfect time also to revamp their “ITSM Strategy.” They were looking to simplify and upgrade to a solution that provided:

  • ITIL-based and certified platform
  • Low-code or codeless development
  • The ability to customize quickly
  • The ability to create automated compliance reporting

They Found it With Cherwell

Cherwell’s low-code platform turned out to be the perfect fit for CUNA Mutual. While their previous system required significant coding and was very complex to maintain, the Cherwell ITSM solution included:

  • Easy implementation with customizable functionality
  • Integration of BeyondTrust’s Chat Support
  • Automated compliance reporting

The roll-out of the Cherwell IT Portal and the integration of BeyondTrust’s Chat Support provided services to CUNA Mutual business partners in a seamless, convenient, and time-saving manner. Chat volume doubled in the first six months as users enthusiastically embraced its use and convenience. In addition, time spent on reporting and follow-up dropped by 50 percent, allowing valuable IT personnel time to be repurposed to work on more critical tasks.

The T4S Take: Keep It Simple

CUNA Mutual’s experience with Cherwell enabled them to increase time savings for their IT team, which increased productivity. And, with a streamlined IT engagement process, they increased customer satisfaction. The solutions enabled them to spend their time on more critical business needs and not on nonproductive manual tasks.

Questions to Ask About Your Own Digital Transformation

As you consider your organization’s future, keep in mind how simple things are or are not. Remember CUNA Mutual’s challenges and the solutions with these questions in mind:

  • Does your current ITSM system make things easy?
  • Is your current system highly complex and requires a high level of coding to maintain?
  • Does your current ITSM solution include easy automation where and when it’s required?

Cherwell simplified how CUNA Mutual’s business partners get their information technology. That simple advancement improved those partnerships.  There is no reason your company can’t achieve the same results—provided you have the right service partner behind you! Get the full rundown on CUNA Mutual’s Cherwell implementation here.

We can help you realize your service management aspirations as well. Contact us today to learn how we can help drive a service management program across your enterprise.