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Modernizing Healthcare AppWhen healthcare professionals need industry-leading solutions, they turn to technology providers with experience and expertise. That’s exactly what Constellation, a growing portfolio of medical professional liability insurance companies, did when it selected the OutSystems platform for its low-code technology solutions.

Since Constellation adopted the OutSystems low-code platform, the company has used it to build a progressive web app that streamlines their peer support program’s communications, time-tracking, and compensation processes.

Low-Code Solutions for Modern Technical Challenges

The promise of low-code development tools brings the power of enterprise-level web development to businesses without the hassle of having to build complicated backend infrastructures.

Traditional app development requires extensive coding and backend development to build and manage user interfaces, backend business logic, and hardware navigation. Low-code alternatives like OutSystems offer developers point-and-click tools that reduce the stress and hassle of the development process.

Low-code development tools lead to many advantages:

  • Free up time and resources: Low-level coding takes quite a bit of time, which is why it accounts for a significant portion of the work done on a daily basis by traditional developers. Low-code solutions practically automate basic functions and routines so you don’t have to dedicate valuable time and resources to coding busy work.
  • Develop code with fewer bugs: With hand-written code comes bugs. It’s just par for the course for traditional application development. Low-code platforms minimize grunt-work basic coding tasks, which in turn reduces the number of bugs you’ll run into when developing a project.
  • Leverage a faster development cycle: Less busy work and fewer bugs mean a faster development cycle. It’s that simple. The more you can optimize and streamline your development processes, the faster and more efficient your processes become.

With that in mind, don’t make the mistake of thinking that low-code means no-code. Low-code platforms won’t make you a developer overnight, but they’ll drastically improve your development.

Constellation Uses OutSystems to Improve Peer Support Program

You need look no further than OutSystems’ partners to understand how beneficial low-code options are, regardless of the industry.

Constellation recently started using OutSystems’ low-code platform to bring innovative products and services to market quickly and with more cost-effectiveness.

“We wanted to scale our IT development team,” says Tiffany Lauria, Director of Application Development for Constellation. “By adopting OutSystems and training other IT staff alongside our five professional developers, we’ve grown the app dev team [from five] to twenty. That gives us a lot more agility.”

Increased agility and more development opportunities has led Constellation to re-envision how their network of medical professional liability insurance companies connect and communicate. Using OutSystems’ low-code platform, Constellation created a peer support program for physicians that links healthcare professionals to skilled workers who provide emotional and physical support.

“Our goal was to eliminate repetitive manual work,” explains Lauria. “We’d rather pay consultants for their expert advice, not their time spent composing emails and retyping details into a stand-alone system.”

A streamlined development platform means faster results due, in part, to a faster development process. It benefits everyone to give developers the ability to cut corners and still deliver enterprise-level products.

“We have seasoned developers on our team, but we wanted to give them a way to work faster and smarter, and OutSystems makes that possible,” says Ivan Kluzak, Constellation’s Principal Digital Project Engineer.

At T4S Partners, we share our OutSystems partner’s philosophy that low-code development tools help drive business transformation. Contact us today to put low-code development tools to work for you.