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Low Code App Development

With the rapid pace of technological development, it’s no wonder that many organizations struggle to keep up. Many changes to your infrastructure and workflows may be necessary, but how can you accomplish this kind of innovation without breaking the bank?

Surprisingly, this kind of undertaking isn’t as difficult as it may seem. To develop a more agile IT infrastructure, you must invest time into learning how to change your organization with the fast paced digital environment. Let’s take a look at a recent OutSystems project undertaken by The City of Las Vegas (CLV).

Modernizing The City of Las Vegas

Before choosing the OutSystems platform, CLV had run into a bit of a problem: they were being forced to utilize outdated technology that prevented them from adequately serving their growing population of 600,000+ citizens. They needed to quickly develop front-end applications for use by citizens and government employees alike.

In order to accomplish this task, the city’s IT department knew that they needed a lightweight application delivery platform that they could use to quickly develop applications. That’s when CLV discovered the OutSystems platform and how it could aid them in their digital transformation.

OutSystems has been critical in helping a wide array of businesses and organizations optimize their IT operations. With our help, CLV was able to rapidly develop key applications for its citizens and staff, streamlining its workflows with a highly efficient low-code environment.

What Are the Real Benefits of Maturing Your Technology?

CLV recognized that its primary issue was its outdated IT infrastructure and workflows which inhibited fast-paced development and ultimately, the satisfaction of its citizens and employees. OutSystems consultants were able to work with CLV to establish feasible goals and a scope for the entire project.

Together, the CLV team was able to complete the entire project, from start to finish, in just 18 weeks. The completion of the new digital ecosystem was marked by the development of a mobile app for city building inspectors.

This new ecosystem provided CLV with a number of new capabilities:

  • Comprehensive application management that supports design and development through post-rollout maintenance and monitoring
  • Architecture analysis for monitoring performance across all layers, not just the interface layer
  • Seamless integration with the back end, so everything users see on the screen is in real time

At the end of the day, the new ecosystem allowed CLV to complete their project in a fraction of the amount of time that it would have taken using their old environment and workflows.

Key Takeaways

If your organization has hit a roadblock with its outdated IT infrastructure, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How is outdated technology impacting my organization’s ability to operate, and what do I stand to gain by digitally maturing?
  • How can a low-code environment and/or cloud technology help me streamline workflows and make my organization more efficient?
  • How can digital transformation experts like T4S Partners help me get ahead of the competition with top-tier digital transformation solutions?

Questions to Ask for Your Own Digital Transformation

The CLV project is just a small example of what the OutSystems platform offers, and T4S can help. Our team actually gets to know you, learning your unique goals and challenges and utilizing that knowledge to drive a successful, lasting digital transformation.

From cloud solutions to low code environments, T4S specializes in identifying and implementing promising technology to move organizations seamlessly into the future.

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