Establish Unified Risk, Compliance, and Security Incident Management

Organizations today are under an onslaught of security requirements, cyberthreats, malware, viruses, service patches, and vulnerabilities, it can all be too much to keep up with. In an age where your data means more than ever, few things are more crucial than protecting those assets. How can you address this ever-expanding landscape of threats all while keeping headcount down and resources flat?

This is where Cherwell's Information Security Management (ISM) solution addresses this need. It provides a comprehensive approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Security Operations including Security Event and Security Incident Management. This approach also maximizes the Service Delivery data and processes your IT organization is utilizing to manage the IT infrastructure.

Key Information Security Management Capabilities

T4S Partners can help you accelerate your Information Security program, to minimize business risk, and strengthen your organization’s security posture.

Quality Risk

Leverage reocurring Audits and Risk Assessment to identify and quantify risk in a repeteable manner enabling you to track the impact of controls and risk remediations.


Support collaborations between multiple stakeholders, enable effective information sharing, dialogue and decision making.

Reduce Administration

Reduce o eliminate administrative use of tools like Excel for managing udit schedules, timelines, and closure of tickets. Avoid dupliction of GRC related tasks and disconnected results.

Real-Time Reporting

Provide evidence-base, real-time reports to executives and stakeholders and documented Risk acceptance sign-off assurance (instead of relying on verbal and undocumented sign-off)

Strengthen Your Security Posture

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