How Cherwell Improved IT Service Delivery for Trevipay | T4S Partners

Trevipay Financial Services Cherwell Success Story

Now known as Trevipay, MSTS offers its clients innovative technology, services, and working capital to streamline payments and improve cash flow. And in this generation of B2B commerce, that’s critical to its customer base. From its beginning, Trevipay has been saying that it takes care of its clients by caring for their customers. They have processed $6 billion in transactions in over 27 countries and 18 currencies in recent years.

Their Focus Is On Customer Success

According to Trevipay’s IT Service Director, Bob Heck, he and his colleagues create IT efficiencies with all other departments. In the last four years, Trevipay’s goal has been to double its revenue. They are on track with that, mainly because they focus on customer success. They have gone from 400 employees to over 600 hundred within that short time frame.

Growth is Good, but…

It was eye-opening for Trevipay’s IT staff to see how service management can bring order to chaos. However, because of Trevipay’s recent growth, these staff members faced even more demand than they could have imagined. This was great because the company was growing fast, and these staff members were excited about the challenge, but they were frustrated because they could not keep up.

Automation is Key

T4S applied the Cherwell ITSM solution to Trevipay’s service management needs. Cherwell provided all the ITIL processes that Trevipay needed for one inclusive price. This included a concurrent license model. Trevipay has been bringing more people into its organization over the last four years and intends to keep doing so as the business grows. The Cherwell solution has allowed Trevipay to do this without increasing the number of licenses. Working closely with Trevipay’s organization, the Cherwell platform has delivered automation for:

  • HR Onboarding
  • Employee separation
  • Account Provisioning
  • Office 365 orchestration

Trevipay has automated incident and service requests with powershell scripts and complex, specific forms with the Cherwell system.

The T4S Take: Savings and a Better Portal

Cherwell provided savings of 50+ hours per month to Trevipay when it removed some of its manual processes and provided a better customer experience through its customer portal.

Questions to Ask for Your Own Digital Transformation

As your organization considers what is working and what needs improvement within your IT service management (ITSM) system, remember Trevipay’s story and keep these questions in mind:

  • Does your current ITSM system include automation?
  • Is your team overburdened with manual processes?
  • Can your system improve your customer experience?

Trevipay’s implementation of our Cherwell Solution has helped Trevipay take care of its clients and their customers—all through strong automation. Your company can achieve the same results—provided you have the right service partner behind you! Get the full rundown on Trevipay and T4S’s implementation of Cherwell’s service management Solution here.

We can help you realize your service management aspirations as well. Contact us today to learn how we can help drive a service management program across your enterprise.