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Getting More Value from your ITSM Cherwell Solution

Now that your Cherwell Service Management implementation is up and running, you may find the need to augment your existing staff by leveraging expert support services to extend your CSM environment. With T4S SureSupport Services for Cherwell, you can feel secure that you have skilled resources readily available to provide the Cherwell support you need at a predictable cost level.

T4S SureSupport Services for Cherwell is a subscription-based service where you can purchase a set number of Cherwell Certified Engineer support hours, then use them over time to augment your in-house expertise.

SureSupport Services include: “Maintenance Activities and Platform Enhancements”

T4S SureSupport Services for Cherwell combines Cherwell’s out-of-the-box capabilities with our best practice configuration templates and delivery processes to keep your CSM environment working properly. Our experts can help with both on-going daily administration activities as well as additions to the newly implemented CSM platform.

Our Maintenance Activities include:

  • System Backup and Restore
  • Manage System Logs/Files
  • Manage System Indexes
  • User Account Management
  • Manage Scheduled Jobs
  • Server Management
  • Automation Processes
  • Email monitoring
  • Performance Management
  • Security | Event Management

Our Platform Enhancement services include:

  • Service Catalog Items
  • Core product configuration changes
  • Incident, Request, Problem, Change
  • Knowledge Management
  • Notifications, Escalations, Workflow
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • End User Portal Design
  • Integration with Third Party Applications
  • Configuration Items, CMDB integration
  • Validation and lookup tables
  • Customized Documentation & User Training
  • mApp Design & Development
  • Application Upgrades
  • Go Live & Upgrade Support

Above are representative lists of “Maintenance Activities and Platform Enhancements” that are performed from the T4S Delivery Center located in the heart of the Denver Technology Center.