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T4S Partners SureAdvice℠ Onsite Training Services for the Cherwell Administration Foundations Course

The Administration Foundations is a hands-on course for T4S customers that have new Cherwell® Service Management administrators. In this comprehensive course, attendees will work with a Cherwell Service Management system to perform tasks that are designed for new system admins.

SureAdvice Training Services outline

Cherwell Service Management® (CSM) is a powerful, integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) software that enables IT service management professionals to configure applications to meet their business needs. This four-and-a-half-day course based on the current CSM content is intended to provide onsite instructor-guided hands-on practice with the basic features and functions of CSM, along with the methodology for using it.

Join us and learn about the highlights of Cherwell Service Management® including: the web-enabled self-service portal, configuration using Cherwell’s Codeless Business Application Technology (CBAT), metrics and reporting and real-time dashboards.

Intended Audience

The target audience for this course is a T4S customer or sub-contracted customers of Cherwell’s that has not yet implemented Cherwell Service Management® (CSM). Each lesson and activity focus training the student on what is included out-of-the-box (OOTB) and the basic functionality of the software.

What’s Included?

Course objectives:

  • Fundamentals of CSM Administration
  • Make considerations for specific modifications to the OOTB default content
  • Manage Users
  • Configure Business Objects
  • Configure Business Object Interfaces
  • Analyze One-Step functionality
  • Automate One-Steps
  • Utilize Expressions
  • Translate requirements into Dashboards and Reports
  • Create a list of questions and considerations for your self-service portal
  • Troubleshoot and Maintain the system
  • Start filling out your Preparing to Implement Guide and be prepared to discuss the implementation with your consultant
  • Create Basic Business Objects, Expressions, and One-Steps

Course Pricing

  • Onsite Classroom Training: Hands-on interactive four-and-a-half-day course conducted at your site. For pricing information please contact the T4S Partners sales team at