SureSwitch ITSM Migration Services - T4S Partners

SureSwitch℠ for Cherwell

In conjunction with Cherwell Software, T4S Partners has developed a fast-track way to help companies transition off their legacy Service Management systems.

The SureSwitch solution contains one-part process, one-part technology and one-part commitment from the people who are seeking this transition.

Part One – T4S Innovation Workshop.
From a process standpoint, T4S’ SureSwitch methodology uses our innovation workshop process, guided facilitation techniques, and proprietary templates to capture the current state processes for your major Service Management processes while demonstrating the comprehensive features and functionality of the Cherwell Service Management (CSM) platform.
Service Management Process

  • Incident Management
  • Service Requests
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Event Management
  • Release and Deployment Management

Our workshop exercise delivers the transition team with the gap analysis information that provides the basis for the CSM configuration. These structured workshops combined with our proprietary templates allow T4S Consultants to quickly gather and assess the needs (requirements) for the new Cherwell implementation. With this information in hand, we can quickly analyze, confirm, and produce an actionable and most importantly an affordable Transition Plan.

Part Two – the T4S Migration Fabric
Often, the data conversion process is the biggest impediment to transition to a new system. To address this, T4S has developed a data migration tool and process that takes the complexity out of the process and expedites the master data conversion process. Whether you are converting from a legacy BMC or a costly ServiceNow platform, the T4S migration fabric can integrate with your system, extract the necessary data, make any necessary transformations, and then load the data into your Cherwell Service Management environment.

Master Data Converted

  • Configuration Items
  • Customers
  • Service Catalog Items

Our integration experts will work closely with your technical teams to access and convert the data from your current Service Management system. Special care and attention are given to any sensitive data (HIPPA, PCI, etc.) and Cherwell has specific solutions for those needing data encryption services for your new environment.

Part Three – Your Commitment.
The most important step in this transition process is your commitment to Change. Our technology and services are world class and our methodology are proven. Your commitment involves time to participate in the workshops, authority to make decisions, and empowerment to drive change for your business. At T4S we have the playbook and the experts to help lead you through this Change Process.

The T4S Partners and Cherwell Software Commitment

Both T4S Partners and Cherwell Software stand behind our services and software platform. T4S is a leading Cherwell Partner with deep technical implementation expertise. Likewise, Cherwell Software is recognized by their customer base, technology partner eco-system and the industry analysts (Gartner, Forrester, and InfoTech) as the premier affordable, world-class Enterprise Service Management platform.