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T4S SureAdvice℠ Innovation Workshop for Cherwell

T4S SureAdvice Innovation Workshop for Cherwell is a workshop and demonstration designed for companies who are starting or in process of evaluating IT Service Management platforms. The Cherwell platform provides a very extensible environment to create and integrate many solutions and systems. As such, customers are often looking for an accelerated means to quickly understand “The Art of the Possible” and the best fit for their business.

T4S SureAdvice Innovation Workshop Roadmap

Our Innovation workshops are slightly customized for each customer. Each begins with some pre-workshop goal and objective setting with the Executive Sponsor. In addition, timing, participants, and other planning are all worked out at this time.

The Workshop itself begins with a set of interviews with stakeholders to understand the current state challenges and opportunities for improvement for the different service areas. Once the interviews are completed, the findings are analyzed and a specific demo that addresses the areas for improvement is tailored.

Once the interview and analysis are completed, the entire participant group is gathered for a “Read-out and Demonstration”. This readout includes the findings as well as a set of recommendations on how to address both process and technology shortcomings of the current state. Using Cherwell CSM, we will also demonstrate how the platform can be used to address “The Art of the Possible”

What’s the Agenda?

T4S SureAdvice Innovation Workshop for Cherwell:

Discovery Interviews

  • Kickoff session with all participants
  • Sponsor interview
    • Current state of ITSM environment (people, process, technology)
    • Service catalog & customer interaction
    • Key drivers for change
    • Review PSM maturity model & ITSM/ITOM reference architecture
    • Who are we going to talk to?
  • Interview: IT Service Desk Technician(s)
    • Incident, Request, Problem, Change Management
    • Knowledge management & collaboration
    • Customer interaction
    • Integration with other systems
    • What’s working and what’s not?
  • Interview: IT Service Desk Manager(s)
    • Work management
    • Service catalog
    • Service level monitoring & reporting
    • Customer interaction
    • What’s working and what’s not?
  • Interview: Customer(s) or Engagement Manager(s)
    • Service catalog & customer self-service
    • Customer interaction
    • Service level management
    • Customer onboarding
    • What’s working and what’s not?

T4S/Cherwell Review & Preparation

  • T4S / Cherwell team to review & recap interviews
  • Tailor demo and prepare for Demo & Readout session

Demo & Readout

  • Review key opportunities for each stakeholder
  • Introduce Proactive Service Management
    • PSM Maturity Model & Reference Architecture
    • Industry best practices & expected benefits
  • Explore “art of the possible’ using Cherwell Service Management
  • Discussion & Next Steps
  • Recap with Sponsor

Key Benefits

  • Understanding of the ITSM Platform features and functions
  • Prioritize implementation roadmap to align with your organization’s goals and objectives
  • Recommendations on specific areas of focused to improve IT service management performances
  • Business Case Definition

What is T4S SureAdviceSM Innovation Workshop for Cherwell?

A T4S Certified Cherwell Architect conduct the T4S SureAdviceSM Innovation Workshop often times alongside a Cherwell Solution Consultant to provide the required review and plan to ensure that your priorities and ITSM Roadmap includes actionable plans that address all areas of the solution. The next steps and Roadmap ensure that the plan reflects executive alignment on the opportunities, actions and benefits that are identified. The Roadmap can be used by your own team, T4S Professional Services, or a certified Cherwell partner. The Roadmap will prioritize the findings and recommendations in alignment with your defined goals and objectives.