SureAdvice Health Checks - T4S Partners

T4S SureAdvice℠ Health Check for Cherwell

T4S will evaluate your organization’s current Cherwell Service Management implementation and help optimize your solution to both your current and future needs.

As your organization changes to remain competitive, it can have direct impact on your Cherwell configuration and administrative team needs. Many organizations start their Cherwell implementation with foundational capabilities and new administrators. The solution evolves as administrators learn more about Cherwell Service Management’s powerful capabilities and take on new business requirements. If you want to understand whether you are planning properly to exploit new features based on best practices, or you may be unsure if your system has been optimally configured, or perhaps you may be experiencing a product performance issue, an experienced T4S Partners consultant will be able to help you identify areas that can be improved.

What is T4S SureAdvice Health Check for Cherwell?

The T4S SureAdvice℠ Health Check is conducted by a T4S Certified Cherwell Architect and provides the required review and plan to ensure that your CSM Configuration Roadmap includes actionable plans that address all areas of the solution. The Configuration Roadmap ensures that improvements in each area is supported by the others. The Configuration Roadmap can be used by your own team, T4S Professional Services, or a certified Cherwell partner. The Configuration Roadmap will prioritize the findings and recommendations in alignment with your defined goals and objectives.

What’s Included?

All Cherwell Service Management and after-market modules will be evaluated against the following:

  • Business Object Relationships
  • One Steps
  • Specifics forms
  • Expressions
  • Localization
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Portal
  • Mobile client
  • Responsiveness/Performance analysis
  • Platform infrastructure architecture
  • Routine and ad hoc maintenance processes
  • Team support capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Understand improvement and operational risk areas as evaluated by experts
  • Prioritize improvement roadmap to align with your organization’s goals and objectives
  • Validate your team is conforming to best practice configuration for improved performance