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Extending Cherwell Integration into the Enterprise

Cherwell® Service Management (CSM) is the modern choice for IT service management (ITSM). It provides the central point for visibility, coordination and timely service management for incidents, service requests, problems, changes, and other support requests. Yet no CSM installation truly lives alone.

Increasingly customers want to integrate Cherwell Service Management with enterprise system monitoring applications, call centers, asset management, cloud automation, DevOps, ERP
systems, and the ITSM systems of their customers, providers, or even internal departments.

T4S Partners is the leading expert in integrating Cherwell with other systems. We have integrated Cherwell with over 50 different applications & systems, covering a wide range of business needs including:
• Employee & Customer onboarding and offboarding, Monitoring including automation with Office 365
• eBonding to ServiceNow, ZenDesk, and other ITSM systems
• CMDB synchronization with OpsRamp, ScienceLogic, and others
• Incident & Request synchronization with Jira, VSTS, TFS, and other App Lifecycle Management systems
• Change Management coordination with Jenkins, SAP SolMan ChaRM, and others
• Autoticketing from ITOM Monitoring and Event Management systems
• Billing and customer management like NetSuite
• Automated provisioning with Azure, AWS, Cisco Avaya, and Security Management systems

Integration Approach

We design and develop integration solutions that best systems fit the needs, budget, and timeline of a company. Our aim is to go beyond one-off point-to-point integrations and instead deliver integration solutions that can be built upon and extended over time.

Our proven design and development practices bring together not just Cherwell integration experience, but many years of enterprise-class integrations. With T4S, you can significantly expand the power of your investment in Cherwell to enable new levels of Process Automation, Work Orchestration, and Data Synchronization.

Going far beyond the common integration capabilities from CSM and the mApp Exchange, we apply a broad set of tools and platforms to build integration solutions quickly and efficiently. We are experts in integration from Cherwell as well as into Cherwell from other systems. We leverage existing integration support within your enterprise, as well as deliver futureproof solutions through our partnerships with Jitterbit, Microsoft, Docker and others.

We also use the tools appropriate to the need, leveraging the most cost-effective technology for the scale and complexity of the solution. For highly scalable and extensible solutions, our preferred integration platform is Jitterbit’s Harmony, recognized by Gartner as the leading low-code Integration Platform as-a-Service (IPaaS). We also utilize our Open Source Integration Fabric framework, which supports rapid integration to the Cherwell REST API for solutions that need to go beyond the standard Cherwell REST APIs.

Example Integration Solutions Delivered by T4S Partners

• System Backup and Restore
• Dynamically create incidents from other systems
• Dispatch field service resources
• Sync incidents with other ITSM systems (eBonding)
• Provide a “Single Pane of Glass” that shows a unified view of IT activities
• Automatically provision systems, resources, or configurations
• Onboard employees into directories and applications
• Update ERP & billing systems
• Manage and coordinate changes with DevOps and software promotion systems

Integration Case Study – eBonding

An equipment rental business standardized its IT service desk on Cherwell Service Management. After a few years, the company decided to outsource its level 1 support to a managed service provider (MSP). The MSP used ServiceNow and mandated that each of its customers use it too. The rental company wanted to remain on Cherwell; they also wanted to maintain visibility to each open and resolved ticket handled by the MSP.

T4S Partners developed a bi-directional eBonding integration solution that allowed all incidents and service requests entered in either Cherwell or ServiceNow to be passed to the other system. Updates and other ticket activity originating in either system was passed to the other, thus synchronizing all incident and service request activity in both systems. This allowed the equipment rental company to monitor the MSP’s contract performance to make sure they were meeting service commitments and quality levels. It also limited the latency (delay) when tickets needed to be escalated back to in-house for level 2 or 3 support.