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Microsoft Active Directory is a cornerstone of the IT infrastructure in many organizations, authenticating and authorizing users and computers for the network and enterprise applications.

Given how integrated and critical Active Directory is to the inner-workings of your IT environment, migrating Active Directory due to a merger or moving to Azure Active Directory is a complex and risk-filled initiative that must be planned and managed very carefully.

Our Cloud Enablement team can provides a strategic view and best practices for safely migrating Active Directory gathered from our team’s 20-plus years of migration experience.

Streamline Your Active Directory Migration & Merger Projects

Our Cloud Enablement team can assist your organization in the merging, consolidation, or restructuring of your Active Directory environment. Our toolset securely migrates objects, settings, and properties. You can use it to automate your migration while keeping your migrated and unmigrated users, devices, and applications in sync. This flexibility aligned with our team’s expertise allows you to migrate during normal business hours—without interrupting your users.

Cloud Enablement Team

Modernize your Active Directory Environment with Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud Solution.

It combines directory services, advanced identity governance, application access management and a rich standards-based platform for developers.

Let our Cloud Enablement team assist you in taking full advantage of a complete cloud identity management solution that Azure Active Directory allows.

Azure Domain Server

Migrate from legacy domain controllers to azure domain servicer. Users will have the ability to log into their pc’s using their Azure Active Directory credentials.

Seamless Integration

Gain access to any application from virtual any location or device. Increase IT efficiency and cut down help desk costs with self-serve password reset.

Enterprise Grade

Azure Active Directory Domain Services gives you enterprise-grade scale and reliability. It’s a highly-available service hosted in globally-distributed datacenters.


Manage user identities and create intelligence-driven access policies to secure your resources. Azure AD centralizes identity and access management to increase security, productivity, and management across devices, data, apps, and infrastructure. Azure AD is built to work for apps in the cloud, on mobile, or on-premises.

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