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Hybrid Cloud Approach The exponential growth of digital data is challenging every business function and industry vertical. To be successful in the ‘business of data,’ it is imperative that you effectively manage your infrastructure for the changing workforce. T4S Partners’ Cloud Enablement team solves these concerns by simplifying your workflows utilizing a hybrid-cloud approach. Our Datacenter Workload Migrations helps you in enterprise-wide Cloud adoption initiatives, implementing comprehensive Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platforms with the latest business intelligence and predictive analytics technologies to accelerate innovation and business growth.

Move and Modernize your Microsoft workloads with T4S Partners

Modern-day enterprises are increasingly making their way towards the public cloud. However, the primary challenge for these enterprises is determining the right approach for this migration, the sequence of the migration, and most importantly, the security of the migrated application. These, along with the fact that most of the applications are part of a large connected ecosystem, are leading to datasets being distributed between captive DCs and the public cloud. T4S Partners collaborates with you to migrate your workloads successfully by developing a structured framework to assess critical factors and options, creating a sequential plan, developing a migration roadmap, and providing you with:

  • Migration approachUser using online applications or cloud application
  • Migration complexities
  • Application readiness scorecard
  • Execution map
  • Application analysis
  • Migration readiness
  • Application profiling

Some of the benefits that will be reaped by you are:

  • Better IT infrastructure versus legacy application platforms
  • Reduced costs and time to market
  • Increased speed, scalability and flexibility
  • Improved customer reach and intimacy
  • Better business agility and boost to innovation

Ready to provide your IT infrastructure with the edge it needs to streamline operations and manage capacity effectively? Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs. We’re ready to help!

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