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Legacy Application Modernization

Your Aging Applications 

How old are your core business applications? The age of your applications and their underlying technology is just one of many factors that turn applications into ‘legacy’ applications.

Ask yourself if any of the following apply to you:

  • Do you struggle to improve your applications due to scarce talent and limited budgets?
  • Do you have a growing backlog of application needs?
  • Are your application development projects costing too much or not delivering value fast enough?
  • Is it becoming increasingly difficult and costlier to make changes to your applications?
  • Are your applications are based on increasingly fragile or unsupported technologies?

If you say ‘yes’ to any of the above items, you need to start addressing your legacy apps. What turns an application into a legacy application is that it no longer fully meets the needs of the business and increases the risks of disruption to your business operations. This is often described as the increasing technical debt in your application portfolio.

Cumbersome internal legacy applications often have difficulty integrating with modern computing trends such as cloud, microservices, and modern APIs. These limits impose restrictions on how well the legacy applications can interoperate with other more modern applications and external SaaS services. If your applications hinder rather than enhance the productivity of your workers, or you are increasingly frustrated with limits legacy apps impose and your need to compensate for poor systems, then perhaps it is time to consider replacing your aging, complex and brittle applications.

T4S Partners Application Transformation experts can help modernize your legacy applications to reduce technical debt and meet current and future business needs in a cost-effective and rapid manner.

Reducing Software Entropy 

Our approach to Legacy Application Modernization brings together several elements:

  • Establishing stakeholder alignment and understanding of the benefits/impacts of modernization
  • Quickly demonstrating the true value of moving to cloud-native applications and DevOps
  • Developing a plan that maintains business continuity during the transformation (“changing tires while the car is in motion”)
  • Understanding the impacts of transformation on people, process, data, and technology
  • Properly leveraging the automation and integration capabilities of newer solutions

Legacy Application Modernization can take many different forms, from refactoring to a newer technology to reinventing how the application works for the business. Sometimes the business is changing quicker than the technology can change, so the optimal approach is to rebuild or replace the application to meet the new needs. When both the business and the technology move quickly, reinventing the application be the best course of action. In a few cases, re-platforming an existing application to a more modern technology platform makes the most sense. We can help determine the best path to application modernization that fits your budget and business objectives.

Benefits of Application Modernization 

What should you expect from our legacy application modernization process? You will have a modernized application that is built to run, built to last, and built to evolve.

  • Built to Last: Designed to change as the business evolves
    • Improved modularity and configurability
    • Built using DevOps to support rapid changes
    • Increased ability to integrate with more of your applications
  • Built to Run: Restructured for improved reliability, resilience and responsiveness
    • Leveraging the cost effectiveness of the cloud
    • Improved business continuity and availability
    • Built-in operational monitoring & management
  • Built to Evolve: Designed for global technology change
    • Ability to deploy changes faster with increased agility
    • Components can be improved without redesigning or rebuilding the entire system
    • Improved ability to address changes in data compliance laws & constraint

To begin your legacy modernization, we will help you clearly articulate what you’re looking for out of the modernization effort. An Application Transformation Blueprint will identify what needs to be changed, along with the different options ranging from retain to reimplement, depending on the needs of your business and the factors of your technology. We will help you formulate a compelling business case to help ensure that you obtain the resources necessary. We will then provide a comprehensive plan so that you can monitor and measure progress.

Choosing the right partner for application transformation 

T4S Partners brings decades of industry experience and a solid track record using the latest tools to create solutions that will stand the test of time. We provide application transformation services that address the migration of legacy or disparate applications to new applications or platforms. After we have identified the current and defined state, T4S Partners will help you determine the best path forward, including balancing the cost of a change with the opportunity cost & risks keeping the existing application. T4S can manage and deliver along the entire solution spectrum, from documenting the current state, to building a business case, to architecting an optimal solution, to rapidly prototyping & piloting a new app, to building and deploying those solutions.