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Enterprise Integration Services for Application Transformation 

Connect your applications to extend their reach and capabilities

Seldom do you need to transform a single application. All application transformation solutions must not only modernize your applications, but they must also address how those applications – new and old – need to communicate and work with each other. In short, Application Transformation always involves Enterprise Integration.

Enterprise Integration focuses on how to best connect your critical applications and services, including SaaS applications and data from across the Internet. Effective integration goes beyond just connecting two systems together; Enterprise Integration focuses on solving your challenges today and supporting changes in the future. Done right, Enterprise Integration establishes a foundation that accelerates your Application Transformation and also gives you the flexibility to add, change, and even replace the application components that support your entire business. Competitive advantages arise from both your new application capabilities and the ability to extend those capabilities rapidly as business needs change. In short, Enterprise Integration is a key means of “future-proofing” your applications.

Modernizing your applications, within your existing data centers or when moving to cloud, should also involve modernizing how they integrate. T4S Partners uses many modern integration platforms and tools that bring the right combination of speed, flexibility, and security across the spectrum of systems – from legacy to the latest cloud services. Our deep experience with Enterprise Integration delivery, along with our leading-edge team of experts in the latest integration technologies, brings a proven set of architectural best practices to deliver Enterprise Integration tailored to your business needs today and tomorrow.

Our Enterprise Integration Services play a role across all our Application Transformation offerings:

  • Application Transformation Blueprint – We look at how your applications currently integrate with each other, as well as how they can and should be integrated as part of the transformation.
  • Business Process Reinvention – Our approach to process reinvention includes how integration can enable individual applications to become far more powerful together. End-to-end business processes almost always involve multiple systems; hence their reinvention will require them to be integrated effectively now and in the future.
  • Rapid Application Innovation – Whether you are extending your existing systems into mobile experiences or you are looking for quickly tying data together across multiple systems, we leverage our integration expertise in nearly all rapid innovations efforts
  • Cloud-Native Application Delivery – Designing applications using the best cloud technologies involves designing integration in from the start. Our experience with cloud-native applications includes the growing set of integration tools & services available in both Azure and AWS
  • Legacy Application Modernization – Not only do we address how your legacy applications can be modernized through Enterprise Integration, we also successfully use Enterprise Integration to enable a seamless business transition from your current legacy systems to your new modernized applications, minimizing any impact on your business and helping ensure continuity across your company

If you need to integrate new or existing applications, within your own data center, in the cloud or both, our integration experts can help you design efficient solutions that fit your needs and your budget. Our low code development partner, OutSystems, includes dozens of out-of- the-box integrations for systems like SAP and Salesforce. You can visually model and rapidly create back-end services for REST and SOAP consumption and architect flexible, reusable integration that isn’t buried in application code.

We can also help you design more sophisticated and scalable integration solutions using Jitterbit, the industry-leading IPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-service) provider. Jitterbit offers the ability to move the integration logic outside of your applications, which enables fast and robust integration development.

Whether your Enterprise Integration needs start off as simple point-to-point solutions or need to evolve into more powerful scalable multi-point integrations, T4S has solutions to meet your needs.