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Reinvent Your Business with Cloud-Native Applications

Transform Your Strategic Applications

Organizations are increasingly dedicating resources to application transformation to gain or maintain competitive advantage. T4S Partners can help bring your application transformation plans to life. If you want to streamline your business operations with new mobile and web applications, or by modernizing your aging legacy applications… T4S can help transform your applications, without having to stop your business to “change its tires”.

  • Are your business users growing frustrated and impatient at having to work around poorly designed systems?
  • Do your application development projects take too long, cost too much or not deliver enough value?
  • Having trouble keeping up with a growing backlog of application development requests from your customers?
  • Do you struggle to find the experience or skills you need to succeed?
  • Are your legacy applications limiting your ability to grow, meet customer demands or remain competitive?

Our rapid application development teams deliver “future-proof” applications focused on your business. T4S solutions deliver speed to market, flexibility, and continuous improvement – and we do it rapidly and cost-effectively, with minimal business disruption.

We use leading-edge architectural best practices, innovative design techniques, to create powerful cloud-native applications using microservices, containers, platform-as-a-service, noSQL, IoT and other emerging technologies. Our teams are fully versed in leading-edge platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, KendoUI, Angular, containers and microservices.

OutSystems cloud native applications for multiple devices

With OutSystems, Build Once for Many Devices

We work with an industry-leading technology partner, Outsystems, to rapidly deliver secure, resilient, mission-critical web and mobile applications that run natively on the cloud. We leverage the low-code development platform from OutSystems to automate the time-consuming, mundane stuff like queries, scripts, API calls, aggregating and manipulating data.

We provide a full range of services across the application development lifecycle. These include application advisory services, business analysis, user experience design and rapid prototyping, agile application development, automated testing and deployment (DevOps), and application testing.

Our technical experts also have extensive expertise with a broad range of integrations including Jitterbit, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Cherwell, Sharepoint, Box, NetSuite, and bespoke legacy systems.

T4S Partners brings a rare combination of strategic and practical delivery experience to help our clients solve their most challenging technology problems. This holistic perspective ensures that our advice is practical and actionable to drive meaningful business value.

What’s It Like to Work with T4S?

We bring a range of experts with diverse skills to support your project; they work together with your team to deliver an exceptional product that meets your business and technical goals. Here’s a look at what we do:

  • Business – Our process experts work with your business leaders in focused, interactive workshops to explore your goals and challenges, identify user personas, and analyze your business processes and information. As a team, we’ll identify opportunities, explore options, and confirm requirements and priorities. We’ll use this information to design your solution.
  • User Experience – Our UX designers work alongside the business analysts to develop user journeys for each persona. We create interactive prototypes that you can test-drive to explore new concepts and workflows. Your users can provide direct feedback on design ideas, functionality or application usability.
  • Architecture & Development – Our technical experts will design your mission-critical mobile or web application(s) using application best practices including responsive design, microservices, containers, and cloud. Our applications are always designed with security, flexibility, resiliency, high performance and business continuity in mind. We run short development spikes for research or experimentation to test assumptions. Using agile, test-driven development and continuous integration/deployment, we deliver frequent releases reflecting Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our experts can integrate with any legacy system, COTS application or SaaS package in your portfolio.
  • Testing – Our testers work closely with Business and Product Development teams to make sure your application delivers high-quality business and technical value with each release.
  • Product Management – Our Product Management team provides lightweight and effective project governance through open and regular communication, proactive risk management, and holistic solution architecture. We can also draw upon our network of experienced resources to support additional project needs such as digital strategy, organizational readiness, training, integration, security or other specialty skill.