Application Transformation Blueprint - T4S Partners

Charting Your Course to Reinvention

How effective are your business applications? They are a key market differentiator in today’s digital economy. Businesses are continually challenged to be more agile while continuing to reduce operational costs. Is your organization saddled with aging legacy systems that are cumbersome and inflexible? Are they costly? Difficult to integrate with customers or systems? Such technical debt can hamper your ability to quickly respond to business opportunities. Worse, your business may unknowingly be exposed to security risks from older technologies.

  • Are your users increasingly frustrated by application limitations? Do they often need to manually compensate for poor system designs?
  • Are your applications flexible enough to keep pace with change?
  • Are your applications too costly to run or maintain, leaving little budget for innovation?

Do you know you need to do something with your application(s), but aren’t sure where to start? T4S Partners Application Transformation practice can help you make the right choices when it comes to investing in the applications that drive your company’s business operations. Our advisory consultants can evaluate your applications holistically to assess business value and technical fit. Then we’ll work with you to design the Application Transformation Blueprint that works best for your business. Our Application Transformation Blueprint defines your application transformation strategy. We’ll conduct an application value assessment to measure how well the current applications fit your business needs and how well they align with your technology standards and direction. Once you have a clearer view of your current state, we’ll work with you to develop an application strategy that better meets your business needs. We’ll help you decide when to standardize processes and systems, and when customized processes and systems provide competitive advantage. Together, we’ll estimate costs and benefits associated with the recommendation to create a concrete and compelling business case to help you gain executive support needed to drive change.