Accelerate into an Effective Knowledge Program?

Most companies today understand the value of an effective Knowledge Management Program but do not have the resources or expertise in getting a program launched. T4S Partners partnered with comaround, a world leader in Knowledge Management Content Delivery, to offer our collective expertise in helping a select number of companies to launch a Knowledge Management program.

Our goal is to provide the steps and tools necessary so that the participating companies can launch and begin to realize the value of such a program.

Knowledge Management Program:

  • Exclusive for Cherwell Clients of T4S Partners
  • Provide access to 50,000+ Article-Pack articles with unlimited use – at no cost
  • Complimentary use through the end of 2019
  • For a nominal fee:
    • Initial setup and launch
    • Monthly program updates
    • Quarterly Online Best Practices Seminar
    • Ability to measure knowledge success (mApp)

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