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Solutions Health HRCM App Cherwell solution

Among the many challenges facing a typical company, most employees expect that the IT branch of the organization supports all applications used by anyone at the company. With dozens or even hundreds of applications in use, support issues can catch the IT department off-guard. Sometimes the IT support staff don’t even know a specific application is being used in the business until a problem occurs and they then are expected to fix it.

So, it comes as no surprise that most IT departments try to control the number of applications they support. When they can leverage an existing application instead of deploying a new one, everyone wins.

The Challenge for Solutions Health

Recently, the IT staff at Solutions Health faced this exact challenge. The human resources department at Solutions Health, a medical consulting and sales company, wanted to deploy an HR Case Management (HRCM) solution with a few non-negotiable requirements:

  • Must be able to rapidly deploy
  • Easy learning curve for both users and the HR staff
  • Simple administration
  • Flexible solution to accommodate their specific HR processes

Although numerous HRCM solutions are available on the market today, the IT staff recommended Cherwell’s service management solution.

A major advantage of the Cherwell HRCM solution was the fact that the IT department was already using Cherwell for IT service management. Extending their Cherwell implementation to include Cherwell’s HRCM solution offered Solutions Health a number of benefits:

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • No additional administrative overhead
  • Low startup and low ongoing costs when compared to other HRCM solutions

In addition, Cherwell’s solution offered the HR department the flexibility and ease of use they required. Because many of the company’s employees were already familiar with the existing Cherwell system, adapting to the HRCM solution was a snap.

The T4S Partners Difference

T4S Partners worked with Solutions Health to implement the HRCM mApp within their existing Cherwell implementation. We leveraged our extensive knowledge of the Cherwell ecosystem to make the transition a smooth one for all stakeholders. We made some minor modifications to accommodate specific HR business processes and provided training for the HR team.

From IT’s perspective, it was an easy decision. They were able to fill HR’s needs without the difficulty of deploying an entire, new application. Everyone at SolutionHealth was pleased with the results.

At T4S Partners, we take pride in designing service management solutions that provide maximum benefit for all stakeholders. As a longtime Cherwell partner, we know the Cherwell service management platform inside and out and have the expertise to customize for your specific needs.

If your organization is in need of implementation services or extending your own service management capabilities, contact T4S Partners to learn how we can help.