Your business applications, when combined with innovative people and effective business processes, are a key source of market differentiation in today’s digital economy. Yet many organizations are saddled with aging and costly legacy systems that are cumbersome, inflexible and difficult to integrate with customers or systems. Users are increasingly frustrated by application limitations and their continual need to compensate for poor system designs. Do you struggle with any of these challenges?

  • • Business processes that have grown inefficient over time

  • • Data that must be entered in multiple systems, increasing change for error and inconsistency

  • • Business processes that redundant, overlapping or simply broken

  • • Having to do extra manual work because you don’t trust the data in your IT systems?

Our business analysts and UX designers can help you imagine, design, and deliver a modern application that fully supports your streamlined business operations. When combined with our leading-edge application development services, T4S can help you reinvent your business!

Complement your digital experiences with the right balance of intelligent workflow automation and intelligence - all in a single platform.

Optimize Your Workflows

  • • Visually model your business processes and workflows and define human interactions.

  • • Trigger workflows based on schedules or events.

  • • Increase worker efficiency by ensuring tasks are assigned to the right teams.

Dynamic Case Management

  • • Orchestrate complex work with pre-built accelerators for case management - from managing service desk requests to supporting inspectors in the field.

  • • Empower business experts to create and change their workflows and processes.

  • • Simplify compliance and reduce risk with fully traceable business process transactions.

Integrate AI and RPA

  • • Monitor process performance with built-in business activity monitoring.

  • • Plug intelligence directly into your business processes with simple-to-use AI components that connect to your enterprise data.

  • • Automate and streamline routine processes or connect to your existing RPA platforms.

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