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Cherwell® Service Management (CSM) is the modern choice for IT Service Management (ITSM). CSM is an ITIL compliant software solution that provides IT teams the flexibility needed for rapid configuration and customization, minimal overhead, and frictionless upgrades — at a fraction of the cost and complexity associated with competing ITSM platforms.

The new release of T4S Partners SureService ESO 2.0℠ (Enterprise Service Operations) line of IT Service Management software and services, built on Cherwell’s Service Management solution, provides Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) with specific pre-built extensions that offer improved performance, tighter integrations to corporate systems, process automation and a process-centric approach to improving support and service operations, both internally and externally facing.

What Is T4S SureService ESO 2.0 For Cherwell?

Built on top of Cherwell Software’s industry leading low-code service management solution, T4S Partners’ SureService ESO 2.0 Service Management software and services are built to meet a common set of MSP needs: Consolidation of Disparate Systems; Integration with key systems in the service delivery value chain; Automation of manual processes; support of key Industry Standards; and enable New Revenue Streams. SureService ESO 2.0 is also built to support the needs of organizations that require a Shared Services structure, such as University Systems, State Governments and large Commercial Enterprises.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) – SureService ESO 2.0 offers MSP’s a secure, multi-tenant capable platform that provides capabilities for continuous service improvement, service assurance and automation for MSP operations on both sides of the ledger – internal operations, processes and assets and revenue generating services enablement for customers.

What’s Included In T4S SureService ESO 2.0?

Here are some of the Key ESO Components:

Company Object (mApp)

Customer Extenal Object (mAPP)

MSP Dashboard

MSP CI Types (mApp)

Multi-Tenant Security (Configuration and Process)

e-Bonding (Integration Fabric)

Automation (Process Auto|Scripts)

Integrations (Integration Fabric)

Time Reporting

MSP Customer Surveys (mApp)

Customer | Employee Onboarding

T4S SureService ESO also includes customizations to a process, report, or dashboard; self-service portal or integrations using our pre-built T4S integration fabric; as well as mApps from Cherwell’s mApp Library.

Benefits To MSPs And Your Clients Include:

  • Easy to customize and configure. SureService ESO 2.0 can be easily customized and configured—by virtually anyone on the IT team—to rapidly meet new and evolving customer needs.

  • Simple and straightforward licensing. Provide eleven ITIL®-certified processes out-of-the-box, a modern and intuitive IT self-service portal, powerful reporting and dashboards, and access via all standard clients. No application, server, or end-user fees.

  • Choice in licensing and deployment models. Do business the way you want with flexible licensing subscription model and deployment models (on-premises, SaaS, or hosted via third party—including Microsoft® Azure or Amazon® Web Services® public cloud infrastructure).

  • Multi-tenancy. Enjoy a wide range of multi-tenant delivery options for the MSP environment with varying degrees of increasing functionality (individual customer configuration, uniqueness, and data segregation) and security for each tenant.

  • Extendable workflow and automation engine. Design, build and automate workflow processes with a drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG development environment—at no additional charge.

  • Bi-directional REST API and web services integration with existing IT operations management (ITOM) solutions. Deliver easy integration with the world’s foremost ITOM solutions including Microsoft System Center Operations Manager and VMWare® vSphere®.

User Training

As you prepare to transition into production, it will be critical that your staff understand how to effectively use your new Cherwell system. T4S SureService includes targeted training for your key delivery staff using a Train-the-Trainer approach to help your team quickly scale training through your organization. T4S will demonstrate best practices for using your new Cherwell system through targeted scenarios and demonstrate proper use of the features listed above.

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