How much are your aging legacy systems and applications hampering your ability to deliver innovative products and services? Numerous reports say that for most organizations, it could be as much as 90 percent.

Meanwhile, the solutions for addressing “legacy gridlock” are many and varied, leaving you with more questions than answers:

  • Do I replace or refactor?

  • Do I rebuild or should I buy commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software?

  • Should I incorporate a new services-oriented architecture (SOA)?

  • What are containers and how do they help get software to market faster and better?

  • I’ve heard about low-code, but what is it, and is it an option for my company?

We take a pragmatic approach to legacy modernization that utilizes low-code as a key change enabler

Making the case: The hidden costs & risks of not modernizing

Legacy and modern applications both involve all the interaction points and system components working together to deliver value. Many organizations focus on general maintenance to improve the value and use of their applications. As today’s organizations continually evolve their capabilities and processes, many of an applications costs and risks will begin to outweigh its benefits

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