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The Advanced Developer Bootcamp is an innovative and ambitious program designed for the preparation to OutSystems Professional Developer Certification, providing common advanced development topics to enable developers to become more proficient in the OutSystems platform. This course covers common development topics that developers will benefit from when working in real projects. The topics covered should also allow you to transition from Junior to Senior OutSystems Developer.

With the OutSystems Advanced Developer Bootcamp, trainees will master OutSystems advanced features and will be ready to perform the OutSystems Professional Certification with success.

OutSystems Associate Developers with programming experience in OutSystems. Is is also recommended to have experience in different technologies like JAVA or .NET and database/SQL knowledge like SQL Server or Oracle.

The training methodology we follow is aimed at developing skills through their practical application, based on four vectors of learning practical, theoretical, technical and technological by focusing on interdisciplinary approach of the various aspects of OutSystems Programming.

The OutSystems Advanced Developer Bootcamp is designed for OutSystems Associate Developers who want to master the advanced features of the OutSystems Platform or want to become Certified OutSystems Professional Developers.

The OutSystems Advanced Developer Bootcamp has one assessments per module to ensure the OutSystems Professional Developer Certification Success (Exam Included). A final score and an individual report will be delivered in the end of the program.

Advanced Developer Bootcamp
November 15th

1. OutSystems Architecture

OutSystems Architecture

The OutSystems Architecture module addresses OutSystems Architecture topics with the help of case studies, and will use a real world scenario to practice defining the architecture of an application from high-level requirements. The Discovery tool will be used to validate the resulting architecture.


● OutSystems Architecture Framework
● Architecture Patterns
● Domain Driven Design
● Validating and Refactoring
● Composing LifeTime Applications

Design and validate the architecture of applications

2. OutSystems Integrations

OutSystems Integrations

The OutSystems Integrations module addresses integration with other systems. OutSystems Integrations topics will be taught with the support of guided exercises on consuming/exposing web services; integrating with external databases and integrating with existing .NET code.


  • Connecting to External Databases
  • Using C# Code
  • Exposing and Consuming Web Services
    • Rest
    • Soap
  • Web Services
    • Advanced Use Cases

Integrate with REST or SOAP web services. Connect to External Databases. Extend OutSystems with C#

3. Authentication & Authorization

Authentication & Authorization

The Authentication & Authorization module addresses different ways you may use to integrate your OutSystems applications authentication with other existing authentication systems and how to manage authorization on your applications.


  • OutSystems Login with External Authentication
  • Federated Single Sign-On Authentication
  • External Authentication via:
    • Web Services
    • SAML
    • OAuth
  • Authorization in OutSystems

Use External Authentication in OutSystems apps

4. Asynchronous Processes

Asynchronous Processes

The OutSystems Asynchronous Processes module covers OutSystems timers best practices and batch Processing topics taught with the support of guided exercises on all main sections.


● Asynchronous Processes in OutSystems
● Timers Best Practices
● BPT for Batch Processing (Lite BPT)

Master the OutSystems Asynchronous Processing Best Practices

5. Best Practices

Best Practices

The Best Practices module address OutSystems performance best practices with the help of methods and tools that can be used to ensure that are build robust, performant and maintainable applications.


Performance Best Practices:
● Application and Module-level
● Data
● Logic
● User Interface

Common OutSystems Best Practices

Virtual Classroom

8:00am – 3:00pm – MDT (UTC-6)

  • Price: $2,500.00 Quantity:
    (Register at least 10 trainees and receive $5,000 off)
  • $0.00


  • Exam (requires a score of 70 percent or higher)
  • Attitude during training


Associate Reactive Web Developer Certification Ready

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